Beyoncé, Blue Ivy, and the Kardashians: The (Big) Business of Trademarks – Neugeboren O’Dowd PC

Celebrity trademark registration is big business. Just ask the Kardashian family, who between them own nearly 700 marks for everything from children’s clothing, to cosmetics, to jewelry. As influencers and personal branding become increasingly important in today’s media culture, a growing number of celebrities are responding by applying for trademarks to preserve the exclusive right to use their names in connection with goods and services. They’re also leveraging the trademark system to protect

Trademarking College Athletes: Making Money While Bowling in College – Neugeboren O’Dowd PC

A historic rule change by the National College Athletic Association (NCAA) will create a brand-new playing field for student-athletes by giving them control over the profits they generate. Sound crazy? Or is it brilliant? It’s probably a little of both. And as the father of a college athlete, I’m more than a little intrigued. I’m also concerned that it will encourage our students to focus less on their education, despite the underlying unfairness that the rule change is addressing in the curren

3 Negotiating Tips I Learned From The NFL

One thing people forget about the NFL is that it is a $12 to $16 billion entertainment industry. Critical negotiations take place every day in life and business. We all are in constant negotiations between teams, advertisers, family, workplace, media, players, and coaches. Because of this constant reality, people in the NFL know how to negotiate. Based on the ten years I spent in the NFL, these are the three tips I recommend when you find yourself in a negotiation. Tip #1: Know Your Value Th

Coronavirus Government's Response Affects Immigration & Visa Holders

Measures to Combat the Coronavirus will Also Affect Lawful Permanent Residents In response to a widening global health crisis over the coronavirus, the U.S. has imposed travel bans, quarantines and limited U.S. consular access within China. These changes will have a significant effect on citizens, Lawful Permanent Residents (LPR), U.S. visa holders, and potential new immigrants to the United States. The coronavirus is a severe and potentially life-threatening respiratory illness that is accomp

Stem to Steam

Why the Arts are a Critical Addition to STEM Learning "The greatest scientists are artists as well," Albert Einstein once famously declared. As an accomplished violinist and pianist as well as one of the world's greatest physicists, Einstein knew what he was talking about. When people were first introduced to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), the combination made sense. However, when STEM transformed to STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics), there

Black Friday Special: A Look at Current (and Future) LED TV Tech – Neugeboren O’Dowd PC

So, we’re doing something a little different today. Black Friday is in a few days and we’re going to geek out on TVs. If you’re looking at a new TV purchase, three new technologies are coming down the pipeline that you may want to know about. Two will already be on the shelves this Friday. Samsung has, at least in my mind, always been at the forefront of aesthetics. It always has one of the slimmest bezel designs. It recently released TVs with stands that allow one to route the cables through

Is your business disaster ready? | Aviva Canada

Catastrophes don’t have to bring your business to a halt. Preparation and planning can help protect your operations and help you bounce back when disaster strikes. Get started today with these tips. If you have a ‘bricks and mortar’ location, plan ahead to minimize damage: • Install sprinklers, alarm systems and fire doors (depending upon the size of your location). • Check your premises to address potential risks and do necessary maintenance work. • Make a detailed inventory of your busines

AVL Case Study: The Exit Strategy

It may seem counterintuitive, but guiding a company to exit is a common goal for AVL. As AVL’s CFO, Anne Kreider puts it, “it means we’ve done a good job. Many of our target customers want to build something and then make a profitable exit. They are entrepreneurs who want to do it all over again. Getting a good result for the shareholders is, for most of our clients, the goal.” That means exiting from AVL as well. Losing a customer is often a good thing in the AVL model. Everybody win

Team-building Techniques You Can Steal From the NFL

Team-Building Techniques You Can Steal From the NFL Ten rows up from our new rookie, I bellowed “WHAT’S YOUR NAME?” The rookie skits had begun and our new teammates had a chance to introduce themselves to us with name, signing bonus, college and finally by song or skit. Inevitably, the rookie stammered and was booed off the stage to come back and try again. Do not feel bad for him. My rookie year I had been booed off stage after what I thought was a fantastic rendition of the Notre Dame fight

The Awesome Power of Play

Playing With Your Toddler Benefits You and Your Child Play is important. It is how children learn to understand themselves and interact with others. It also helps them understand and interact with their world. Play is an essential component of learning, socialization, reflection and, most importantly, fun. Much of a child's future is shaped in their first few years of life. In fact, 80% of a child's brain development is completed by age three and studies have shown that play is a critical elem

Case Study: Tennyson Center for Children

As the new CEO of the Tennyson Center for Children in Denver, Colorado, Ned Breslin brought with him a reputation as someone who turns ambitions into results. An experienced philanthropic executive, Breslin was enthusiastic to join Tennyson, whose transformative work with children who have experienced severe neglect or trauma was inspiring. Tennyson turned to Breslin for help with their organization. He turned to AVL. A Financial System That No One Understood Three weeks after joining Tenn

How your business can benefit from infrared technology | Aviva Canada

The inspections involve of the use of a thermal imager, or camera, to detect infrared radiation (heat) levels that could indicate issues in electrical or mechanical systems. This technology can provide a critical early warning of potential mechanical and electrical system failures, which are two major causes of industrial fires and explosions, according to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).1 2 How does it work? Thermal imaging of electrical and mechanical systems can take th


I created this article series for companies running (or seriously contemplating running) EOS® Traction, Gino Wickman’s Entrepreneurial Operating System® for small-business owners. I run my company on it and found that, while EOS® is extremely effective for management and scaling, the core EOS® materials don’t provide the depth of guidance for the financial component so critical to small-business growth. These posts are for entrepreneurs who want to polish and improve the implementation of EOS®

The AVL CFO as an Integral Part of the Team

As a CFO with more than 17 years of experience, Heidi Huntington has worked with dozens of diverse companies. The pace and variety are what excites Huntington most about the job. She becomes deeply involved with each company, offering a tailored approach that goes far beyond the financials. Key to Huntington’s success is customizing her advice and assistance to fit the unique needs of each client. This is supported by AVL’s commitment to becoming part of an organization’s operational team, e